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1. Scientific Field and Research Group Preference

In this section, please indicate the department within the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology (MPI-EVA)
and/or the research group within the University of Leipzig (UL) to which you are applying.


If you are applying to a department within the MPI-EVA, please indicate the research group(s) or researcher(s) within this department with which/whom you would like to work.


2. Academic Education

In this section, we ask you to provide information on your university degrees (for example Bachelor, Master, Diplom),
starting with your most recent degree or current university enrollment.
In addition, you may provide information on honors or awards, if applicable.

Current or most recent university studies

*College or University
State/Province (if applicable)
*Date attended from (dd/mm/yyyy) to (dd/mm/yyyy)
*Field of study / subject
*Name(s) of supervisor(s)
*Highest academic degree

If other, please specify:
*Date awarded (dd/mm/yyyy)
If you are currently enrolled in a course: When do you expect to finish your degree? (month/year).

Grade point average (GPA) out of
(e. g. First Class, with distinction, with honors)

Higher education institutions attended previously (University, College, High School)
(* = first line)

InstitutionCity, countryAttended from-toField of study / subjectDegreeGrade

Merits / Honors / Scholarships / Awards

3. Research-related Experience

In this section, we ask you to provide some information on your research-related experience:
Methodological background, an abstract of your Master's and/or Bachelor thesis project, and publications, if applicable.

Methodological background

Please describe briefly which kind of methodological background you acquired in lab or field research internships or during your thesis project.
Which kind of laboratory techniques, computational skills, etc. did you learn? If applicable, you may include a list of the laboratory methods,
data analysis programs and/or programming languages you have used during your past research projects.


Thesis project

Here, we would like to ask for information on your Bachelor and/or Master or Diplom thesis research.


* Dates of thesis project: Start (mm/yyyy): End (mm/yyyy):

* Title of Thesis

* Please provide a short abstract of your thesis (250 - 500 words approximately)

* Thesis supervisor

* Address of thesis supervisor (Institution, City, email)

Dates of thesis project: Start (mm/yyyy): End (mm/yyyy):

Title of Thesis

Please provide a short abstract of your thesis (250 words approximately)

Thesis supervisor

Address of thesis supervisor (Institution, City, email)

If you have carried out other research prior to your Bachelor/Master studies, or since then, please describe it briefly.

Publications (peer reviewed journals, book chapters, talks or poster presentations on conferences), if applicable.

4. Additional Expertise and Personal Interests

In this section, we would like to learn about your personal interests, your language skills and any experience you may have had in
living abroad.

Language competence

Please provide information on your language skills, both written and spoken.

*Native Language


* I have practiced speaking and writing in English in a scientific environment during my studies:

Other languages

English language test

* Have you taken an English language test?

Please provide information on the English language test, if applicable.

Test Date Score
Test Date Score

Other English language test Test Date Score

If applicable, please include a certificate of an English language test in your PDF of certificates.
(F.y.i.: It is not mandatory to have passed an English language test in order to apply to our program.)

Graduate Record Examinations

If you took the GRE, we would appreciate if you gave us information on your results.

GRE General Score
GRE Date

Have you been studying or living abroad?

If you have been living or studying abroad, please tell us when and where.

5. Research Preferences, Financing and References

In this section, we would like to learn more about your research interests. Please provide the following information:

Statement of purpose

Please describe (500 words approximately) the research topic(s) within the field of evolutionary anthropology that you would like to pursue. Please point out the relevance of your ideas or topics for the field, what research might be conducted to address the issue, and (possibly) how your previous research experience will help you do so. If you have a specific project to propose, you can do so here. Please be as specific as possible in outlining your motivation and/or the envisaged project considering the research focus and selecting fitting projects of the scientist you are applying to.



*Do you have financial support from elsewhere and are you therefore independent from financing by the IMPRS-LSHO?

If your answer is yes, which institution would support you financially?


Note: We ask for at least two recommendation letters. It is your responsibility that the two academic referees submit their recommendation
letters in time. You will have to provide them with
your registration number and the following link:

Please provide information on at least two referees.

*Name and academic title of referee 1
Email address
Institution and postal address
Phone (including country code)

*Name and academic title of referee 2
Email address
Institution and postal address
Phone (including country code)

If applicable:
Name and academic title of referee 3
Email address
Institution and postal address
Phone (including country code)

Name and academic title of referee 4
Email address
Institution and postal address
Phone (including country code)

6. Miscellaneous

How did you learn about us?


* Which documents (see below) did you include in your upload?

Is there anything else, that you want to tell us?


Please upload your documents as a single PDF file each in the respective window:

*CV and statement of purpose
*Transcripts and degree documents
Language test certificate (if applicable)
Other documents (if applicable)

Advisory note

Please understand that plagiarism or falsifying or withholding information constitutes grounds for immediate withdrawal of your
application from the application process. 

The information provided in this application will be shared with other persons involved in the application procedure for the IMPRS-LSHO.

Please note: Some internet browsers have problems with the transfer of very large files.
Thus, if your PDF file exceeds 100 MB, you may consider splitting it up.

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