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Winter break (Feb - Apr) Application deadline: 30 November of previous year
Summer term (Apr - Aug) Application deadline: 28 February of same year
Summer break (Aug - Oct) Application deadline: 31 May of same year
Winter term (Oct - Feb) Application deadline: 31 August of same year

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Department of Neuropsychology

*Neurocognition of Language Processing
*Neurocognition of Language Learning
*Second Language Acquisition
*Child Lab

Department of Neurology

*"The O'Brain Project" Neurobiology of decision making in obesity
*"The O'Brain Project" Computational Modelling in obesity
*Genes, aging and Obesity
*Mind& Body& Emotion& Hypertension Group
*Brain networks in Stroke
*Neuroplasticity and Motor Recovery
*Motor Plasticity Group
*Somatosensory Group
*Plasticity of Language
*Music Evoked Brain Plasticity
*Neuropsychology Group
*In vivo brain morphology and parcellation
*Cognitive Neuropsychiatry
*Focused Ultrasound Group

Department of Neurophysics

* Research Group "Anatomical Analysis of the Organization of the Human and Non-Human Primate Brain"
*ERC-Project (hMRI)

Department of Psychology

*Cognitive Space
*Navigation and Spatioal Memory
*Episodic Memory

Max Planck Research Groups

*Lise Meitner Research Group "Cognition and Plasticity"
*Max Planck Research Group "Adaptive Memory"
*Max Planck Research Group "Early Social Cognition"
*Max Planck Research Group "Language Cycles"
* Otto Hahn Group "Neural Bases of Intonation in Speech and Music"
*Max Planck Research Group "Pain Perception"
*Research Group "Social Stress and Family Health"
*Lise Meitner Research Group Cognition and Plasticity
*Max Planck Research Group Adaptive Memory
*Max Planck Research Group Pain Perception
*Max Planck Research Group Language Cycles
*Research Group Social Stress and Family health
*Minerva Research Group EGG (Emotions & neuroimaGinG)-Laboratory
*Max Planck Research Group Vision and Computational Cognition
*Minerva Fast Track Group Milestones of Early Cognitive Development
*Cognitive Neurogenetics
*Research Group Learning in Early Childhood

Methods & Development Groups

*Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
*Brain Networks
*Databases and IT

Special interest for specific experimental methods

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Please list all classes you have attended which are of relevance to the work at our institute (e.g., from the fields of neuroscience, cognitive psychology, neuroanatomy, psychophysiological methods, psycholinguistics, and developmental psychology). Please indicate the general field, the exact topic, the type of class (lecture, seminar...) and (if applicable) the finale grade (1 = excellent, 6 = failed, no = no grade was given or is available at the moment).

General FieldTopicTypeGrade

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*How do you judge your own computer skills?

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How did you acquire your computer skills?

On what occasions do you use a computer?

What do you use a computer primarily for?

What operation system(s) / type(s) of computer are you familiar with?

If you have any programming knowledge, indicate in which programming language.

Do you have any experience using statistics software?

Do you have any experience using acoustic analysis software?

Do you have any experience using stimulus presentation software?

Do you have any experience in the analysis of experimental data?

Practical and work experience

Do you have any practical experience conducting ...

Have you previously had an internship? If so, where and when?

Have you ever worked as a tutor, teaching assistant etc.?
If so, please explain briefly the type of work you did, and state the institute / university you worked at and for how long.

Do you have any other practical experience that might be relevant for your application for an internship, such as university courses, par- time jobs etc.?

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