Online Application-Portal
Research Training Group (RTG) 2070
„Understanding Social Relationships“

Welcome to the Online Application Portal for the PhD-student positions in the Research Training Group (RTG 2070) “Understanding Social Relationships” at the University Göttingen and the German Primate Center

For questions please contact Dr. Rebecca Jürgens, Scientific Coordinator (email: or visit our Homepage:

We appreciate your interest in joining our research training group. Please take enough time to prepare your application and read these explanations carefully.

The following documents need to be uploaded (*required):
*Motivation letter (max 2 pages, incl. motivation to apply for the RTG 2070 and for up to two research projects)
*Curriculum Vitae (incl. publication list if applicable)
*Full academic report (MSc and BSc certificates and transcript). Provide PDFs of the originals and English translations if documents are not in English or German.
*Names and full contact details (incl. phone and email) of two academic reference persons
You can upload up to one additional file

Please name the documents in the following way (using your own surname and first name):
Surname_Firstname_Optional (if applicable)

The data is divided into the following categories:
  • Personal information
  • Contact information
  • University degrees
  • Upload of documents

Fields marked with an asterisk * are mandatory in the job application input window, i.e. without entering your information into these fields you cannot send us your application.

All remaining fields collect voluntary information. Even if this information has already been included in your application documents, we still recommend that you enter your data into these fields. This allows your application to be processed more quickly.

Technical advice

All uploaded documents should be pdf files. Each document should not be larger than 10 MB, all documents together should not exceed 80 MB.

In order to access the online application, you need to enable JavaScript in your browser.

In order to access the online application you need to accept the Security-Certificate edited by DFN (Deutsches Forschungs-Netz) using the Deutsche Telekom Root Certificate.

Some browsers delete all entries after using the back-to-form-button. Please ensure that all data are preserved before sending the data. This also holds for the upload areas.

If the application process is interrupted for any reason, all data will be lost and a new application must be filled.

After an application has been submitted, changes are no longer possible.

For technical questions about this online application portal, you can e-mail the following employees at the University’s computing and IT competence centre “Gesellschaft für wissenschaftliche Datenverarbeitung mbH Göttingen” (GWDG):

Mr. Hindermann:
Ms. Altmann:
Ms. Greber:
Mr. Grieger:

We wish you the best of success with your application.